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  • New creations in my shop

    I started to learn the technique of macramé jewelry during the lockdown for Covid-19, on October 2020. I was focussing to learn through tutorial videos and I thank all these women who share their knowledge. But on January 2021 I had a problem with my hands. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and I had to…

  • New Skill… macrame jewelry

    New Skill… macrame jewelry

    WordPress since I have to use it has made many changes. Usally the older interface is better, even if they change it for better 🙂 After some years I return with a new skill. I make a little selfeducation in micro macrame.

  • I took some new jewelry lessons

    I try to progress even I am enough old. So I took some new jewelry lessons. Last week I followed a seminar about decorative surfaces on metal with easy and cheap methods and tools. Because, as you know, or maybe not, in Greece, we have a very deep economic crisis. So it is not easy…

  • alcpcreations new pendants with silver, bronze, copper

    Soon will upload them on my etsy store.