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New creations in my shop

Sorry, my English are not very good, but I like to share some thoughts. I started to learn the technique of macramé jewelry during the lockdown for Covid-19, on October 2020. I was focussing to learn through tutorial videos and I thank all these women who share their knowledge (My next post will be about them with links). But on January 2021 I had a problem with my hands. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and I had to stop any kind of crafts until I make surgery on the right hand on November 2021.

About December 2021 I started again with macramé, not with the same passion, as in the beginning. I have to take care of my health. Now I uploaded some of my work with macramé bracelets for women, girls or kids at my shop and I want to share the satisfaction I feel for these creations. You can see them on my Etsy shop. Also, I share here two photos with the first bracelets I already uploaded. Soon I will upload more bracelets for women, girls, kids and soon for men also or unisex.

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