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Sorry, my English are not very good, but I like to share some thoughts. I started to learn the technique of macramé jewelry during the lockdown for Covid-19, on October 2020. I was focussing to learn through tutorial videos and I thank all these women who share their knowledge (My next post will be about them with links). But on January 2021 I had a problem with my hands. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and I had to stop any kind of crafts until I make surgery on the right hand on November 2021.

About December 2021 I started again with macramé, not with the same passion, as in the beginning. I have to take care of my health. Now I uploaded some of my work with macramé bracelets for women, girls or kids at my shop and I want to share the satisfaction I feel for these creations. You can see them on my Etsy shop. Also, I share here two photos with the first bracelets I already uploaded. Soon I will upload more bracelets for women, girls, kids and soon for men also or unisex.

my creations

Indie Sellers Guild

Join us for the live virtual launch of the Indie Sellers Guild on Sept. 5th at 1 pm EDT!
The ISG is a labor organization established to promote the interests of online sellers of handmade, unique, vintage and craft goods all over the world. It’s time that indie online sellers leveraged our solidarity and our vast numbers to make our voices heard by big tech platforms.
At the launch, we’ll share more about the formation of the ISG, and what we hope to accomplish with the organization. Prospective members will be able to attend an online Q&A panel and learn how to apply for membership. Buyers, family and friends can also join as ally members to lend their support to our struggle.
Learn more at https://indiesellersguild.org/launch

#ISGlaunch #creatorsrising #indiesellersguild #indiestrong

The ISG is a nonprofit organization to function as a union for online independent sellers of handmade, vintage, unique and craft goods all over the world. Born from the groundbreaking Etsy Strike in April of this year, sellers and supporters have continued working to build solidarity and leverage our numbers to advocate for ourselves collectively.


Painting just for relax… From time to time I remember my other hobby between creating jewelry with metal or with threads, fabric etc. Colours, shades, pencils… Always I enjoy the colours, but also a try to paint with coffee.

pencil, coffee painting
free sketch, pencil, watercolour
simple sketch watercolour
blue flowers, marker, watercolour
sketch with marker

The same with watercolour